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Good Bye Oprah

June 1, 2011

How will I know when I have arrived? It used to be that I would know by the fact that I was on the Oprah show. What now?

After fine tuning my idea and getting ready to host the inaugural Social Markeating…for singles it hit me. I will know I have arrived when I hear someone say they met their spouse at a Social Markeating dinner! Or closed a big deal with a new business contact they made at a Social Markeating dinner!

So get busy. Find the experience that will bring you what you are looking for and get those six people together. Let’s make Oprah proud.

Living my passion...


Thank God for Facebook!

April 13, 2011

So my strong suit may be in hosting a great party but don’t expect me to remember it in a couple days.  No, it is not the amount of wine consumed that leads to my forgetting, it is my really really horrible memory.  I can have a fun filled evening that I think can never be matched on Saturday night and then a friend asks how my weekend was and I can’t remember one thing I did.

This exact scenario played out the other day.  My friend asks how my weekend was and and there is the awkward pause and churning of my brain to try and conjure up anything I did over the last 72 hours.  Before I have to admit my complete lack of memory she says “oh yeah, that’s right, you went snow shoeing.  How was it?”  After the, what I am sure was much to long of a pause to reflect on the great experience as if It was the first time I had heard of it, I say “how did you know?”  She simply said, “I saw it on Facebook”.  Ohhh… that’s right.  From the 5 pictures I posted during the actual event itself.

Again, I have nothing against social marketing as clearly it is serving me very well.  It was the Social MarkEating at the brewery after the snow shoeing that I remember fondly (once I was reminded).

First Step to Social MarkEating

March 31, 2011

Toast. It's not just for breakfast!

In these times when the real emotions are replaced by emoticons wouldn’t it be nice to socialize with friends over a real glass of wine (not your favorite cocktail quiz) and possibly do some networking with a real handshake instead of clicking your way through linkedIn.

Social MarkEating has arrived.  It is simply the simple idea of getting back to basics and socializing over food.   A quaint dinner party is my recommendation to you all.  My magic number is 6.

I have hosted many events through the years from big to small and when I boil them all down the most rewarding are the small dinner parties I have held.  Sitting around a table enjoying a meal with a small number of friends or acquaintances is the best way to get to know someone.  This is where you find out the friend you have had for years was a classical violinist in their youth or the timid friend in a large group actually has quite a sense of humor.

Don’t leave those relationships hanging wondering whose turn is it to reply and feeling guilty when it is yours.  Step 1: Find your phone (oh there is is right next to you, earpiece already inserted…) and call a friend.  Any friend.  One you want to get to know better or one you constantly wish you could spend more time with.

Stay tuned and I will hold your hand through the process.  I promise.

What is Social MarkEating?

March 30, 2011

Good question. I can’t even figure out how I want to spell it yet.  Created on an endorphin high it was originally an extension of my wish for everyone to be more social. Social marketing is great and definitely has its place but I really miss people…

I sometimes Facebook, I barely twitter, I have dreams of blogging (look at me go!) but truth is on a day to day basis I am happy if I can connect with a friend through email or a quick text.  Albeit, these new fangled avenues of connection are handy and downright loved at times (declining that date you really didn’t want to go on via email, texting the chatty friend when you only have a minute, or reuniting with an old friend on facebook) but I miss good old fashioned contact of a smile, hug, or the sound of laughter, not  :),  {},  or lol.

With these friends, once the connection is made, the few messages back and forth, now what?  Do we live in cyberspace eternally or bring it (what is it?!?) to the next level.  So often those relationships last only the few days in which they are reunited and we are left not knowing where to go from there.

We all need to it, and chances are really enjoy it, at times too much.  What is it?  Eating!!

I am hoping to create the next step in Social Marketing – Social MarkEating!

My Desk: no wonder I long for human contact 🙂


What are you going to be when you grow up?

March 29, 2011

Shoes that led me to my grand idea

This question has been plaguing me for 6 months.  At 42 years of age this is not the first time I have struggled with this question but it has seriously been on my mind as of late.   When discussing with friends, the question I get asked is “what are you good at” and/or “what do you like to do”.  Usually leaving me confused and even less sure of myself.   I was finally able to put a few words together that made sense to me.  I am good at and like to “bring people together”.  Phewww – finally an answer.   But what does that mean??

Combine with an idea I came up with last year while out on a run (that I was sure would change the world).  Out of that run was born Social Mark’eating‘.    I came home bouncing off the walls sure I had the next big idea.  It has sat on the shelf for quite some time but never forgotten.  I think it is time to combine my talents with my ideas.

I have great visions of people reconnecting again.  Face to face. Over a good meal.  Taking social marketing to the next level.

Stay tuned.  It’s my turn to change the world.  It’s time for me to figure out what I am going to be when I grow up.