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The Gangs Back Together!

October 7, 2011

The original Social Markeating Crew meets again for some southern comfort food.

So Social Markeating is still alive and strong even if I haven’t been. I was lucky enough to meet up with the original crew last night and was amazed at how 5 people who had only met once before were so comfortable and at ease. There was not an awkward moment and the conversation flowed.

We did meet at a restaurant this time and agreed it did not bring the same level of intimacy.  Since we all knew one another is was not a problem but I think a home may be the best place to really connect with people.  We did have fun laughing, amazed at the changes in one another’s lives in such a short time and talked about where we were all headed.  I feel so blessed to have had these amazing four people come into my life and if it wasn’t for Social Markeating it never would have happened.

I am excited to bring Social Markeating to the Living Everything Mindful event October 15th and we hope to have some really fun things in store so please join us.

Fall is here…break out the crockpot and light the fire…what better time to gather friends around the table.

Are you ready to host your own Social Markeating experience now?  Yes? Then simply read the steps to the right of this post, download this Social Markeating Card  and get started!

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