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My 10 year old son, beer and the kitchen

July 6, 2011

I went for the Baja feel with this remodel.

“Mom, have you seen the commercial where the guy remodels his kitchen by doing one thing to it?

“No, tell me about it”

He then proceeds to tell me about the commercial where a man puts some beer on the kitchen counter and considers it a remodel.  I had to ask “So, what are you watching again with beer commercials?”  When did Disney start selling beer?

What he reminded me was how much we all do love our kitchens.   No matter if you think you need a remodel or not, the kitchen has the strange gravitational pull that draws everyone to it.  Why has science not spent more time on this phenomenon?  You can set a gorgeous dining room table, light the fire pit outside, even put the bar in the living room and they will all come back to the kitchen.  Probably the worst lighting in the house (I do think a lamp is a great addition to a kitchen) yet we all can’t seem to keep people out.

My point?  Don’t worry about the little details while you put together your Social Markeating experience.  No one is going to care if you didn’t get around to finishing that backsplash or if your cupboards are a from a bad 80’s update.  What they will remember is the interactions that happen when someone is sitting on the dated linoleum countertops or perhaps admiring your fabulous new pot filler.

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  1. Mari Stephenson permalink
    July 6, 2011 3:03 pm

    Just bought some “Kracken” rum. I think it’ll be a pirate themed remodel.

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