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Now it’s your turn

June 29, 2011
1st Social Markeating Dinner Table

Note the Social Markeating cards at each place setting.

Step out from that computer and set the table. Bring out those dishes you save for just these occasions but yet they remain pushed in the back of the cupboard. It is your turn to find your 5 people to enjoy a meal with and experience Social Markeating.

I placed one of these Social Markeating Cards under each place setting with the logo sticking out the top.  It made for a perfect segue after we had finished eating.  Everyone was actually excited to discuss what type of experience they wanted to host and they were all rummaging for a pen (I recommend keeping some handy by the table).  It provides a call to action for all of us.  Making it easier to go home and continue making actual plans instead of just thinking about doing it.  I know this type of thing helps me a ton.  And having it lay around as a reminder is not a bad thing either! 🙂

You have heard me rave about my experience but that is not unusual.  Any time I have gathered guests around my table I have always been pleasantly surprised by how much fun I have.  I am not sure why I keep getting surprised.  It seems perfectly natural that it would be a wonderful time so why don’t we all do it more often.  Now is the time!

I want to encourage everyone to join me in bringing back the human connection.  In combination with all this fabulous technology I think we can all find a balance that will be more fulfilling than we can imagine.


How to use the Social Markeating Card
1) Print this link on letter size paper (preferable cardstock).
2) Cut in half lengthwise.
3) Fold bottom to just under tagline, leaving logo and taglines in view.
4) Put one at each place setting.
5) Have fun!

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  1. Mari Stephenson permalink
    June 29, 2011 9:58 am

    I started working on my first list and already decided that I need two! I have met so many people in the past year that I want to get to know better! Trying to decide now if summer is too busy for everyone already, or if I should wait till fall.

  2. June 29, 2011 2:26 pm

    Marci –

    I LOVE THIS! Can’t wait to read all your posts, print the cards, and find some people to invite over. Being connected, meeting new people, being involved in life … what could be better. Thanks for the BRILLIANT idea!

    Looking forward to hearing more stories as this grows, the pebble has been dropped in the pond, I can see the ripple effect already!

    Sharon Powers (Leann’s friend and your mom’s friend – met you last Thanksgiving!)

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