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We did it!!

June 10, 2011

I was preparing for my first Social Markeating dinner yesterday afternoon. As I had decided to cook an Asian dish I found myself amidst the fortune cookies at the store and on a whim thought it would be fun to use them as the centerpiece. Upon setting the table I had two left over and for reasons unknown decided to open one up and eat it. It was a little out of character for me to do that but the moment I read the fortune I knew why…. the fortune in the picture was what I unwrapped. I could not believe it!! A social activity, not a party, or gathering with friends it was speaking to me about the event to unfold in a couple hours!

The universe is calling for Social Markeating...

I am proud to say the first Social Markeating dinner was held last night and was better than I could have imagined. Our experience was Social Markeating…for singles. In the end 5 single, interesting and passionate people who many had never met showed up to enjoy a wonderful evening full of lively conversation.

Everyone left excited to create there own Social Markeating experience and at the same time wanting to continue getting this initial group together. Connections were made that never would have any in other circumstance. Fabulous business ideas were shared. The differences of men and women were discussed, as well as, the beauty each holds for the other.

I could not have been happier to be a part of this amazing group that was created soley from a crazy Social Markeating idea.

The universe wants this to happen – let’s do it!

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