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Social Markeating meets the Twilight Zone

October 26, 2011

As Halloween is near we were gathered with friends for pumpkin carving last night. The conversation turned to the Twilight Zone and the kids were very intrigued.

First thing this morning my son finds Twilight Zone on Netflix. Normally I would tell him there isn’t time and start rushing around the kitchen preparing breakfast, lunches, cleaning from the night before – you get it. Something told me to stop, cuddle with the cute boy on the couch (these times are rapidly disappearing) and experience the show together. I figured we could make up for lost time by running around with our hair on fire 10 minutes before it’s time to leave for school like we usually do anyway. 🙂

I am not sure if I had ever sat through an entire episode. I am no critic but was really impressed with how well it was done, go figure it has lasted the test of time.

The amazing piece that raps this all together was that this show was created in 1959 and obviously the times have not changed all that much.  We still crave human connection…

Twilight Zone, “Where is Everybody”, Season 1 Episode 1, Last Scene:
Doctor: “Just a kind of a nightmare that your mind manufactured for you. You see, we can feed the stomach with concentrates, we can supply microfilm for reading, recreation, even movies of a sort, we can pump oxygen in, and waste material out, but there’s one thing we can’t simulate. That’s a very basic need. Man’s hunger for companionship. The barrier of loneliness, that’s one thing we haven’t licked yet.”

Let’s cure hunger for companionship – go Social Markeat!


The Gangs Back Together!

October 7, 2011

The original Social Markeating Crew meets again for some southern comfort food.

So Social Markeating is still alive and strong even if I haven’t been. I was lucky enough to meet up with the original crew last night and was amazed at how 5 people who had only met once before were so comfortable and at ease. There was not an awkward moment and the conversation flowed.

We did meet at a restaurant this time and agreed it did not bring the same level of intimacy.  Since we all knew one another is was not a problem but I think a home may be the best place to really connect with people.  We did have fun laughing, amazed at the changes in one another’s lives in such a short time and talked about where we were all headed.  I feel so blessed to have had these amazing four people come into my life and if it wasn’t for Social Markeating it never would have happened.

I am excited to bring Social Markeating to the Living Everything Mindful event October 15th and we hope to have some really fun things in store so please join us.

Fall is here…break out the crockpot and light the fire…what better time to gather friends around the table.

Are you ready to host your own Social Markeating experience now?  Yes? Then simply read the steps to the right of this post, download this Social Markeating Card  and get started!

Reason #7 to Host a Social Mark”eating” Experience

July 15, 2011

What are we doing with all these friends if not spending time with them???

Because people are nice. Simply put.

Open yourself up to meeting new people and/or getting to know someone better. What better way to do it than over a yummy meal.

Money back guarantee that you will learn something new.  You will find out something you never would have caught via Facebook or through a text.

Go ahead check out all your friends right now on Facebook, you know you have been logged in all day,  and choose a few of them you would like to know better or that you haven’t had the chance to spend nearly enough time with lately.  Choose friends that have never met but who you know would get along.  Give the gift of a meal and connection.

It always feels good to give.

So are you ready to host your own Social Markeating experience now?  Yes? Then simply read the steps to the right of this post, download this Social Markeating Card (I made it and am open to suggestions) and get started!

My 10 year old son, beer and the kitchen

July 6, 2011

I went for the Baja feel with this remodel.

“Mom, have you seen the commercial where the guy remodels his kitchen by doing one thing to it?

“No, tell me about it”

He then proceeds to tell me about the commercial where a man puts some beer on the kitchen counter and considers it a remodel.  I had to ask “So, what are you watching again with beer commercials?”  When did Disney start selling beer?

What he reminded me was how much we all do love our kitchens.   No matter if you think you need a remodel or not, the kitchen has the strange gravitational pull that draws everyone to it.  Why has science not spent more time on this phenomenon?  You can set a gorgeous dining room table, light the fire pit outside, even put the bar in the living room and they will all come back to the kitchen.  Probably the worst lighting in the house (I do think a lamp is a great addition to a kitchen) yet we all can’t seem to keep people out.

My point?  Don’t worry about the little details while you put together your Social Markeating experience.  No one is going to care if you didn’t get around to finishing that backsplash or if your cupboards are a from a bad 80’s update.  What they will remember is the interactions that happen when someone is sitting on the dated linoleum countertops or perhaps admiring your fabulous new pot filler.

Now it’s your turn

June 29, 2011
1st Social Markeating Dinner Table

Note the Social Markeating cards at each place setting.

Step out from that computer and set the table. Bring out those dishes you save for just these occasions but yet they remain pushed in the back of the cupboard. It is your turn to find your 5 people to enjoy a meal with and experience Social Markeating.

I placed one of these Social Markeating Cards under each place setting with the logo sticking out the top.  It made for a perfect segue after we had finished eating.  Everyone was actually excited to discuss what type of experience they wanted to host and they were all rummaging for a pen (I recommend keeping some handy by the table).  It provides a call to action for all of us.  Making it easier to go home and continue making actual plans instead of just thinking about doing it.  I know this type of thing helps me a ton.  And having it lay around as a reminder is not a bad thing either! 🙂

You have heard me rave about my experience but that is not unusual.  Any time I have gathered guests around my table I have always been pleasantly surprised by how much fun I have.  I am not sure why I keep getting surprised.  It seems perfectly natural that it would be a wonderful time so why don’t we all do it more often.  Now is the time!

I want to encourage everyone to join me in bringing back the human connection.  In combination with all this fabulous technology I think we can all find a balance that will be more fulfilling than we can imagine.


How to use the Social Markeating Card
1) Print this link on letter size paper (preferable cardstock).
2) Cut in half lengthwise.
3) Fold bottom to just under tagline, leaving logo and taglines in view.
4) Put one at each place setting.
5) Have fun!

The First Social Mark”eating” Dinner – what really happened

June 14, 2011

So, more details about the inaugural Social Markeating dinner.  As I mentioned, it was a total success (in my humble opinion).  New friends were made and we all felt the value in the face to face connection.  But what did it really take to make it happen…

I chose the Social Markeating…for singles experience.   I then chose the date before I even began to contact anyone.  I made phone calls, using my favorite – voice inflection, to begin the inviting process.  Once I had a verbal commitment I then put together an online invitation on Punchbowl which was a fun way to have people RSVP and begin dialogue before we all actually met.

I planned to do this with my wonderful new friend who is helping with the Social Markeating project and she was going to invite 2 single male friends. I had another 2 friends -one guy, one girl.  This was going to be the perfect group of 3 men/3 women.  All was going s0 smoothly.  The reality was the challenge in actually getting 6 single people.  I suppose if we had a surplus we wouldn’t be single. 🙂   She was only able to get one single guy.  My single guy was unable to attend.  My other girlfriend was able to bring a friend.  So in the end we had 5.  Funny that the first gathering was short one guest but that shows the reality of life.  5 still made for a perfect number.  It was nice sharing one conversation and I believe any more than 6 people would be to easy to break into 2 groups.

The dinner was set for my home.  I asked guests to bring a drink to share and I would provide everything else.

Look at those genuine smiles

The wonderful group that attended (left to right):
Brian – a photographer whom I had never met.  I checked out his work after the dinner and was blown away.
Me (Marci) –  still getting to know myself but meeting a wonderful group like this can only make me shine!
Lisa – my dear friend and a real estate agent with a zest for life that is unmatched.  Truly sunshine in my life.
Jennifer – my professional coach whom I had never met in person and only spoke with twice on the phone.  She will knock your socks off, in a wonderful way!
  – vice president of a local bank whom I had met briefly on a volunteer committee.  Every time he spoke a gem came out of his mouth!  He had amazing business ideas and was so thoughtful about life.

Of course the first to arrive were the people I did not know, but isn’t that the point?  We all went on the patio for wine and appetizers and there was never a dull, awkward moment and from my viewpoint each of us learning a little more about life.  After an hour or so I invited everyone around the table.  It had only been a short time and yet you could feel the comfort level increasing as we shared a great family style dinner.  The wine was flowing and so was the conversation.

The point of my Social Markeating…for singles was simply to expand my network of friends and not a set up (feel free to plan yours any way you want :)).  With all of us at the same point in our lives the conversation turned to men and women, the differences,  the simplicity we all crave,  each of us sharing a bit of our history.  Deeper and deeper we went, even showing vulnerability and being able to read facial expressions and body language.  Something you will never get online.  There were a few moments I simply sat back and could not help smiling at these “strangers” sharing and enjoying with one another so freely.

More fortune cookies were opened (see previous post) and mine read “your efforts will be worthwhile”.  Again, I feel like no one will believe me as it seems to crazy to be true.   My only guess is that I tapped into the universe last year and I gotta say when she talks you should listen!

Nearing the end of the evening everyone pulled out there “Social Markeating” table cards I had placed under each place setting. (I promise to have a link for your to download your own in the next couple of days-sign up, top left, so you don’t miss it!)  These are a call to action for my guests and yours to go forward with the idea.  Spread this human connection in the world.  They all helped me fine tune it, add a few items and for the most part were simply excited to fill it out and get going on planning their own.

My favorite part of the evening was when it was brought up that we needed to get together again. That we had spent the first half of the evening getting to know one another and the second half enjoying one another’s company and we didn’t want it to end.  We made plans to get together again!  5 people who hours earlier had never met simply could not imagine not getting together again (I think I just teared up, seriously).  Human connection is that strong.

I have to thank Jennifer, Lisa, Sharif and Brian for joining me on this journey and being so supportive.  There enthusiasm has only fed mine and I know we have all created something wonderful.

Please join me in my quest to bring people back together.  It is even easier now with online tools to help you reach people you would not have been able to before, find a million recipes or restaurants online to help you plan, and online invitations – use them all – but in the end make a plan to sit face to face with someone.  I know you will be amazed and rewarded.  I was.

We did it!!

June 10, 2011

I was preparing for my first Social Markeating dinner yesterday afternoon. As I had decided to cook an Asian dish I found myself amidst the fortune cookies at the store and on a whim thought it would be fun to use them as the centerpiece. Upon setting the table I had two left over and for reasons unknown decided to open one up and eat it. It was a little out of character for me to do that but the moment I read the fortune I knew why…. the fortune in the picture was what I unwrapped. I could not believe it!! A social activity, not a party, or gathering with friends it was speaking to me about the event to unfold in a couple hours!

The universe is calling for Social Markeating...

I am proud to say the first Social Markeating dinner was held last night and was better than I could have imagined. Our experience was Social Markeating…for singles. In the end 5 single, interesting and passionate people who many had never met showed up to enjoy a wonderful evening full of lively conversation.

Everyone left excited to create there own Social Markeating experience and at the same time wanting to continue getting this initial group together. Connections were made that never would have any in other circumstance. Fabulous business ideas were shared. The differences of men and women were discussed, as well as, the beauty each holds for the other.

I could not have been happier to be a part of this amazing group that was created soley from a crazy Social Markeating idea.

The universe wants this to happen – let’s do it!